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I know that shopping for fabric online can be hard, and I’m often searching for the best online retailer for my fabric requirements.

I hope this list is useful! If you have any other suggestions or you know something to be wrong, please do post them in the comments below so we can all help out these businesses.

You will find a handy key alongside the links:

QC = Quilting cottons

D = Dress making fabrics

V = Vinyl

PTO = Print to order

UP = Unique prints – this company makes their own designed fabric

BMS = Bag Making supplies and hardware

F = Felt

G = Glitter fabric

Always Knitting & Sewing = Q, D, C

Bombay Stores = Q

BST = Q, D, F, V,

Calico Laine = Q, D

Coalville Fabrics = D, Q (Facebook Group)

Coast & Country = Q

Contrado = PTO (printing also on leather!), D, Q

Creative Craft Supplies = G, F (EN71 certified)

Croft Mill = D

Dalston Mills = D, Q, Da, F, V,

Dark Violet Prints = D, Q, UP, PTO (Facebook Group)

Doughtys = Q, D

Dragonfly Fabrics  = D

Elephant in my handbag = Q, F, D

Eliza Mac = D

Empress Mills = Q, D

Fabric Chics = Q

Fabric Giant = D, G

Fabric Godmother = D

Fabric Land = Q, F, D

Fabrikate 1 = Q, D, F

Fab Works = D

Fashion Formula = UP, PTO, Q, D

Flamingo Fabrics = Q, D, UP, PTO

Frumble = Q, D

Funki Fabrics = UP, PTO, Da,

Guthrie & Ghani = D

Habby Days = Q, D, C, V

Harvey Jacobs = UP, D, Q, C, V

Higgs & Higgs = Q, D

Immanuel = D (Facebook page)

Lamazi Fabrics = D

Lee Mill Fabrics = D, Q

Like Sew Amazing = D,

Little Miss Sew n Sew = Q, D

Minerva = Q, D, V

M is for Make = Q, D

My Fabrics = Q, D

Patterns And Plains = D

Plush Addict = Q, D, F

Poppy Bear Fabrics = D

Pound A Metre = Q, D

Pound Fabrics = D

Quilt Room = Q

Rainbow Fabrics = D, V

RayStitch = D

Sew Affordable = D

Sew And Flo = UP

Sew Cute = Q, D, F

Sew me Sunshine = D

Sew Over It = D

Sew Scrumptious = Q

Sherwoods Fabrics = Q, D

Simply Fabrics = Q, D

Stitch Fabrics = Q, D

Stoff & Stil = Q, D

Studio Jepson = Q, D

Textile 9 = Q, D,

Thats Sew Me = D, UP (Novelty ADULT prints – facebook group)

The Fabric Elf = D

The Vintage Sewing Bunny = Q, D

Timeless Fabrics = Q, D

Truro Fabrics = D

Tudor Rose = Q, D

Uk Stretch Fabrics = D, UP

Wattle and Slate = UP, PTO

Weaverdee = V, Q, D

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  1. This is fantastic Emma, thank you for sharing all this knowledge and research. Amazing you’ve taken the time to add the links aswell. 👏🏼

    1. So glad you have found it useful – Im going to add to it over time as things change too, so feel free to let me know if you find any gems!

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