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If you’ve ever wandered what to do with those baby clothes (or passed loved ones clothes) this tutorial is for you! Using a simple grid technique, you can turn clothes into a loved quilt that is sure to be cherished. Of course you could use any fabric for this technique as its such a great way to be sure that you don’t get your blocks mismatched. 

DIY memory quilt tutorial using baby clothes or clothes from a loved one.

Using a grid technique is easier and better for designing your layout for a memory quilt. Let me know if you have any questions. Measurements below…

505 Spray;
Creative Grids Ruler;
Teflon sheet;


I made a crib sized quilt with finished measurements of 60 x 45”
Each square measures 3.5” cut and 3” finished.

So the grid needs to measure 70 x 52.5”

Start: 00:00
✂️What you need; 01:08
✂️Making the grid; 1:26
✂️Cutting the squares; 2:28
✂️Designing your layout; 2:46
✂️Ironing the squares to the base; 3:17
✂️Pinning and sewing the seams; 4:07
✂️ Cutting the seam allowance; 4:58
✂️Pinning and sewing the other direction seams; 5:30
✂️Putting the layers together; 6:06
✂️Quilting; 7:15
✂️Cutting the binding; 7:37
✂️Sewing the binding together; 8:32
✂️Attaching the binding; 10:15
✂️Binding corners; 10:55
✂️Closing the binding; 12:59
✂️Sewing the binding on top; 15:03
✂️Top of binding corners; 15:32

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