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I had so much fun making this little guy! He comes with a free pattern and would make a great gift for the little (or old!) ones in the family. In fact I had to make 2 as my girls both loved him so much! But the question is – do you have a name I should call him/her? I just can’t decide! Pop the name in the comments…

DIY penguin, kawaii plushie.

Get the penguin pattern here: (Just join the group – its in the files section)

Head over to Red Rocking Bird and see her penguin tutorial:

Materials used: White, Black and yellow plain

Fleece Patterned fleece for the hat and scarf – see link below

Pom pom – I used a felted ball Small Plush eyes (1/4”):

Friction pens:


Great place to buy fleece and plush fabric:

Time Stamp: Start: 00:00

What you need: 01:40

Stitching the face of the penguin: 09:00

Making the flippers and feet: 12:06

Sewing the main body of the penguin: 15:07

Sewing in the gusset: 16:03

Turning and stuffing: 20:59

Sewing the penguin closed: 21:23

Making the hat: 24:00

Making the scarf: 29:35

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